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Tao Media Institute for paper bags (carry bags) technology was established in 1999 at Ooty in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. Founded by Mr.R.Anandkumar, a person with a serious concern for the environment, Tao media has been playing a dynamic role in the eradication of plastic bags and creating an awareness about the use of eco-friendly paper bags instead among the people in and around Nilgiris. 

For the first time in the world, Tao Media after 4 years of intensive Research & Development introduced cheaper, affordable as well as strong eco-friendly paper bags which were equivalent price to plastic bags. The eco-friendly bags manufactured by Tao Media has been certified excellent by the collector of Nilgiris, shopkeepers and the general public. Leading newspapers in Tamil Nadu have praised the efforts of Tao Media. TNCKM awarded Tao Media. Mr.Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, the violin maestro, had issued the award for its training on eco-friendly packaging, simplified and fast technologies.


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Nilgiris have slowly switched over to the Paper bags. If you visit Ooty, you could see obviously everywhere paper bags are being used instead of plastic bags.

Tao Media was the first and only concerd who were giving paper bags by recycled reprocessed and waste papers.Tao Media  have made an industrial revolution, producing paper bags by recycled reprocessed and waste papers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

  Tao Media started a training centre for eco friendly packaging, students were
started coming all around India, and learnt the art and established their own unit employed so many.
Eco-Friendly Packaging

A DVD of Digital Movie on Paper Carry Bag  
Automatic & Semi Mechanized Machineries & The Complete Bankable Project Report for both the machineries
Paper bag machinery & Paper Cup  Machinery
Eco-Friendly Packaging
For India : Rs 1380/-
For Abroad : $ 150 US Dollars

Eco-Friendly Packaging
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Paper products manufacturing technology institution in India
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