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Why use Paper Bags ?
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Let us take a look a the most important ecological question of our time Why Paper bags ?

Quite often, our progress, be it industrial, scientific or medical, has been at the cost of the bountiful nature. But the waste that is done immense harm is the simple, yet sinister and ubiquitous plastic bag.

Plastic is made from petroleum. Petroleum is made by the decomposition (breaking down) of ancient plants and animals inside the earth. Petroleum needed to make plastic is considered a non- renewable resource because it is the result of geological processes that take millions of years to complete. When used up, the earth`s petroleum reserves will be gone for a long, long time.

It is almost impossible to destroy plastic bags. Plastic bags remain in the soil for centuries, defiling the soil, preventing it from replenishing its nutrients, and rendering to barren. 

This ultimately results in fertile land becoming barren and turning into desert. It is estimated that the life  expectancy of plastic bags is around 250 years. Imagine the damage and the consequences. Even the branches of trees on to which these bags are blown wither and die or remain stunted. From manufacture to disposal, plastic bags are a major environmental hazard.

Paper bags on the other hand, comes from wood, which comes from trees, which grow in the earth`s soil. The trees needed to make paper bags are considered renewable resources. That means more trees can be planted to take place of trees that are cut down to make paper and other products. Once paper is made, it can be recycled and used to create more paper goods. Bags made from paper are bio-degradable and hence highly environment friendly than plastic bags, which pose a threat to the environment

why_paper bag    why_paper bag
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